12th Mt.Fuji Hill Climb

Guideline for applicants

Event concept

Let's consider more about the natural conservation of the UNESCO world heritage "Mount Fuji" through the event with the most eco-friendly vehicle=bicycle.


Sunday June 14, 2015

* Check-in MUST be made on June 13th,NO check-in will be permitted on the race day.


Mt. Fuji Hill Climb Executive Committee
(Yamanashi prefecture cycling federation, Yamanashi prefecture cycling association, Fuji-Yoshida city athletics federation, Yamanashi-Nichi-Nichi shimbun, YBS Yamanashi Broadcasting System)

Supported by

Environment ministry of Japan, Yamanashi prefecture, Fuji-Yoshida city, Fuji-Kawaguchiko city, Narusawa village, Yamanakako village, Oshino village, "Clean-up Mount Fuji" association(Fujisan wo kireini suru kai), Japan Cycling Association(JCA), "Fujiyoshida city and two other villages’ organization for the protection of the prefectural estates, Narusawa & Fuji-Kawaguchiko Onshi-rin organization for the protection of the prefectural estates, Fuji-goko tourist league, Mount Fuji 5th station tourist association, Asahi shimbun, Nikkan Sports shimbun, NHK Kofu broadcasting, UTY Television Yamanashi.

Collaborating with

Public corporation of Yamanashi prefectural road construction, Fuji kanko kaihatsu co.,ltd, Minami-Tsuru area athletics federation, Tsuru area athletics federation, Fuji-Yoshida Fuji-Yoshida sports association.

Race course

From "Fuji-Hokuroku Park"(Fuji-Yoshida city, Yamanashi pref.) > Fuji Subaru-line road > The fifth station of Mt. Fuji(Yamanashi pref.)
(Fuji-Yoshida city,Fuji-Kawaguchi-ko city,Narusawa village)

Maximum number of participants

Participants are limited to 8,500 riders.

(6,590 participants in 2014)

Race head quarter

Fuji-Hokuroku park stadium & Fuji-Hokuroku park car parking

Car parking capacity

8,000 car parking slot


24km (from the timing system installation point to the finish)


Total elevation=1,255m


Riders both men and women must be 12 years of age on the race day & must be in good health.

Application period

  • Overseas ridesrs' entry application:

    From Tuesday 24 March to Thursday 12 April 2015.

  • Supporters' shuttle bus ticket application:

    From Tuesday 24 March to Thursday 12 April 2015.

Entry Application

Please access the website or contact to "Fujikyu Travel" agency.

  • Website: http://www.fujiyama-navi.jp/reservation/tours/view/594/2049-150001/locale_en
  • Tel: +81-3-3376-0547
  • Contact: Nakajima (Weekdays 10:00 to 17:00)
  • Mail: navi081@fujikyu-travel.co.jp

Event schedule

June 13,
11:00Car parking gate opens
12:00Welcome party starts
12:00-20:00Check-in at the check-in desk at Fuji-hokuroku Park.
* Race day (Sunday June 14 2015) check-in is NOT allowed.
June 14,
3:00-Traffic control of the race course starts
4:00-Car parking gate opens
6:00-Start call
6:40-Opening/Starting ceremony
7:00-"Selected-riders"(ex 1st wave) groupers start
7:05-Female groupers start(2nd wave)
7:20-Male wave groupers start every 5minutes(3rd wave)
8:30-1st groupers start climbing down a mountain at Mt.Fuji 5th station
9:25-1st groupers arrive at race head quarter
9:55-Cut-off time at the 1st check point (10.5 km from the start)
10:45-Cut-off time at the 2nd check point (17.2 km from the start)
11:30-Cut-off time at the finish (24.0 km from the start)
11:40-Awarding ceremony

Categories/Entry application fee

Male: Age 12-18(Junior)
  • 10,000 JPY for participants of age 19 & above.
  • 6,000 JPY for participants od under age 19
  • Please pay the commission fee in addition to Enty application fee.
Male: Age 19-29
Male: Age 30-34
Male: Age 35-39
Male: Age 40-44
Male: Age 45-49
Male: Age 50-59
Male: Age 60-69
Male: Age 70 and above
Female: Age 12-18(Junior)
Female: Age 19-34
Female: Age 35-39
Female: Age 40-44
Female: Age 45 and above
Supporters' shuttle bus ticket * Limited to 200 application, first come, first served.
Destination "5th station" 1,500 JPY

* The bus is free of charge for preschoolers who don't need seating(ex: infant).

* The bus ticket includes 500JPY value voucher, usable in souvenir shop at the Fuji-Hokuroku park & 5th station of Mt.Fuji.

* You receive the value voucher in getting on bus.

Please pay the commission fee in addition to Enty application fee.

"Selected-riders" by organizer (ex: 1st wave groupers)

"Selected rider" status will be given by the organizer to 100riders based on the previous result of following races in Japan:

  • Mt.Fuji Hill Climb
  • Norikura Hill Climb
  • Haruna-san Hill Climb
  • Akagi-san Hill Climb
  • Tour de Okinawa


Among the first 8 male riders will be awarded & the awarding to these "Selected riders" will be separated from general riders' awards.

* "Selected rider" status announcement will be given in the end of April on the race website & announcement e-mail will be sent to each "Selected rider".

* "Selected riders" will get free "Executive" service.

* "Selected riders" status cannot be declined except special reason.


  • "Net time" timing rule is applied to all riders EXCEPT "Selected riders"
  • "Gross time" timing rule is applied to "Selected riders"
    * Note:

    "Net time" timing rule is : Timing clock starts when each rider passes the actual start line
    (=Fuji-Subaru line toll gate: 1.3km from the virtual start line).

    "Gross time" timing rule is: Timing clock starts when the leading rider crosses the actual start line (=Fuji-Subaru line toll gate: 1.3km from the virtual start line).

  • Order of finish line arrival may differ from the actual finish order.


  1. Age groupers:

    The first 8riders of each age grouper will be awarded & the first 3 riders will be invited to winner's podium. The 4th-8th riders will be awarded with prize at the race HQ.

  2. "Brightest hope" award:

    The most brilliant rider among riders of age 12-22 on the race day will be awarded the "brightest hope" award.

  3. Sangaku-Split" award:

    The fastest riders, both male and female, in the interval between 19km and 20km will be awarded.

Car parking

  • Free car parking(car parking area will be assigned at random)
  • Assigned car parking area detail will be announced on "My page" in the race website from the middle of May.
  • Car parking area map is available on the race website.
  • Please consider heavy car traffic around the car parking entrance on the race day.

Important notice

  1. "Fuji-Hokuroku park stadium" is the race starting point. Please refer your riders' manual to be provided by the organizer.
  2. Every rider will be allocated to a wave group based on the predicted finish time declared upon application by each participant. Each male wave group of 450-500riders will start every 5minutes, following "selected-riders" by organizer & female & Junior groupers.
  3. NO check in will be permitted on the race day. Race check-in must be made on 13th June, the previous day of the race.
  4. Check-in by a substitute is permitted. However, the race participation by a substitute is NOT allowed.
  5. The use of a hard shell helmet & gloves is mandatory for every participant.
  6. Wearing winter-clothes are also mandatory for those who wishing to descend the mountain on bike, or participants must take shuttle bus to descend.
  7. No bike check service will be provided at the check-in or on the race site. Please make sure that your bike is fully maintained prior to the race day.
  8. Riders violating the race regulation will be excluded from the race immediately.
    Permanent exclusion from the event may apply to serious violator.
  9. Please give due consideration to the natural environment of "Fuji-Hakone-Izu national park" where the race to be held. Though the traffic control will be made, all participants must take into consideration to avoid any collision accident with pedestrians at the tourist site alongside the race course.
  10. Please be aware that the race site may encounter a severe weather condition, especially at higher ground of the race course. In case of bad weather condition, the organizer may decide to cancel the event for safety's sake of participants early in the race day morning.
    In the case where the event is cancelled on-site, the entry fee is NOT be refunded.
  11. All participants take out an insurance policy upon signing the application. Paid entry fee includes insurance fee.

    Insurance coverage detail:

    • Decease/ residual disability=2,000,000JPY
    • Hospitalization=3,000JPY(per day)
    • Hospital visit=2,000JPY(per day)
    • Damage, loss, theft, etc of bike(frame parts) in the race day is NOT covered by insurance.
      If you are concerned about the compensation, please subscribe to another insurance on their own.

Terms & conditions of application

  1. Event entry fees/miss paid fees cannot be refunded or transferred under any circumstances. No cancellation or race category change cannot be accepted neither.
  2. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event, due to extreme weather conditions, earthquake, accident etc. In such a event, it's the organizer who solely have right to decide to refund, amount of money refundable.
  3. Each participant, upon signing the registration form, agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of riding the distance they have chosen.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to abort the event on the day for participants safety etc. Participants agree to cooperate for the organizer's decision.
  5. Each participant agrees that in case of accident etc, ambulance crew makes first aid treatment on sight. The organizer doesn't have any responsibility of the treatment made by the ambulance crew.
  6. The organizer is not responsible of any accident, injury, property loss during the event.
  7. Accident, injury of the participants will be covered by the insurance(detail of the coverage=11 in important notice section)
  8. All participants must be given consent by family, parental guardian(for minor participants), team members.
  9. False declaration of age or gender & substitute participation is forbidden. Participants agree that serious violators might not be allowed any participation in the future.
  10. Each participant agrees to assign and grant the right and permission to the organizer to use and publish any photographs/film/video/ basic personal information(such as name/age/gender/result) of each participant on any organizer's activity.
  11. Apart from this "Terms & conditions of application "section, please respect "terms & condition of the event/race regulation" to be provided separately. In case there is variance between "Terms & conditions of application"& "terms & condition of the event/race regulation", "terms & condition of the event/race regulation" takes on top priority.
  12. The organizer will make the maximum effort to provide the best security measure & emergency first-aid service for sake of participants' safety. However each participant agrees & recognizes that the organizer is not able to provide "perfect" security measure & emergency first-aid service. Please also consider to take out an additional insurance for further coverage if you have any concern.

Event office

Mt. Fuji Hill Climb Executive Committee

  • Tokyo office:
    1-31-9 Hara-machi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8532, Japan.

    Tel: +81-3-3714-1733

    Fax: +81-3-3714-7967

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