Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

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Mt. Fuji Hill Climb

[Guideline for applicants]

<<Event name>>
The 9th Mt. Fuji Hill Climb (Fuji-no-kuni Yamanashi)

Sunday June 3, 2012
*Check-in MUST be made on June 2nd 12-20h at Fuji-hokuroku Park,NO check-in will be permitted on the race day.
*Check-in by a substitute is permitted. However, the race participation by sub is NOT allowed

Mt. Fuji Hill Climb Executive Committee

<<Race course>>
From "Fuji-hokuroku Park" to the fifth station of Mt. Fuji


<<Elevation & Gradient>>
Start point altitude: 1050m
Finish point altitude: 2355m

Average Gradient 5.2%
Maximum Gradient 7.8%

<<Maximum number of entrants>>
Applications are limited to 5,500 riders.

Riders, both men and women must be 12 years of age on the race day.

<<Application period>>
From Sunday 18 March 2012, to 26 Monday 2012.
-Any application later than the deadline date will not be accepted.
-In the event of over-subscription, the slots are given on a "first come, first served" basis.

<<Entry fee>>
Age 19 and above : 8,300 JPY
Age 12-18 entry : 6,300 JPY

<<Special bus-ticket offer for riders' supporters>>
Round trip bus ticket to 5th station of Mt-Fuji(finish point of the race) =1,500JPY
* The bus is free of charge for preschoolers

<<Application Procedure>>
1)Riders wishing to participate in this race, please send an E-mail to 
mentioning the subject "Mt. Fuji Hill Climb 2012 Entry" in order to receive an entry form.
2) Please send an E-mail with the fulfilled entry form attached to 
3) Entry fee payment will be made automatically based on the credit card information provided by the applicant on the entry form.
4) Once your payment has been successfully made, organizer will send you an E-mail confirming your entry by the date 2weeks prior to the race day.
*Entry fee will NOT be refunded in the event of cancellation

<<Event schedule>>
-Saturday June 2, 2012
12:00 Welcome party
12:00-20:00 Check-in at the check-in desk at Fuji-hokuroku Park.
*Race day (3rd June) check-in is NOT allowed.

-Sunday June 3, 2012
3:00-Traffic control of the race course starts
4:00-Car parking gate opens
6:00-Start call
6:25-Opening/Starting ceremony
7:00-1st wave groupers start
7:05-Female groupers start
7:10-Male wave groupers start every 5minutes
9:45-Cut-off time at the 1st check point (9.5 km from the start)
10:35-Cut-off time at the 2nd check point (17.2 km from the start)
11:20-Cut-off time at the finish (24.0 km from the start)
11:30-Awarding ceremony (at Fuji-hokuroku Park)
13:30-Traffic control of the race course ends

Road Racer Class (Including Mini-Velo, Hybrid-Bicycle, Excluding MTB)
1)Male: Age 12-29
2)Male: Age 30-34
3)Male: Age 35-39
4)Male: Age 40-44
5)Male: Age 45-49
6)Male: Age 50-59
7)Male: Age 60 and above
8)Female: Age 12-35
9)Female: Age 36 and above
MTB Class (Tire width: 1.9 inches or wider)

<< Timing >>
-Timing clock starts on: the rider passes the actual start line (1.3km from the virtual start line)
-Timing clock stops on: the rider passes the finish line.
-The 8 fastest riders of each age ctegory will be awarded.

<<Important notice>>
1) All types of bicycles, excluding MTB, are deemed as "road racer"
2) Every male rider will be allocated to a wave group based on the predicted finish time declared by each participant. Each male wave group of 400riders will start every 5minutes, following 1st groupers & female groupers.
3) All participants of MTB class start at the same staring time. Any riders accidentally participate in MTB class with 1.8inches width or narrower tire (=deemed as Road Racer) will be excluded from the awarding.
4) Race check-in must be made on June 2nd, the previous day of the race.
(Note: check-in by a substitute is permitted. However, the race participation by sub is NOT allowed)
NO check in will be permitted on the race day.
5) The use of a helmet & gloves is mandatory for every participant.
6) Wearing winter-clothes are also mandatory for those who wishing to descend the mountain on bike, or participants must take shuttle bus to descend.
7) No bike check service will be provided at the check-in or on the race site. Please make sure that your bike is fully maintained prior to the race day.
8)Riders violating the race regulation will be excluded from the race immediately.
Permanent exclusion from the event may apply to serious violator.
9) Please give due consideration to the natural environment of "Fuji-Hakone-Izu national park" where the race to be held. Though the traffic control will be made, all participants must take into consideration to avoid any collision accident with pedestrians at the tourist site alongside the race course.
10) Please be aware that the race site may encounter a severe weather condition, especially at higher ground of the race course. In case of bad weather condition, the organizer may decide to cancel the event for safety's sake of participants early in the race day morning.
In the case where the event is cancelled on-site, the entry fee is NOT be refunded. However, the amount indicated below will be paid for by our event cancellation-insurance to each participant:

4,000 JPY to each general (age 19 and above) participant
3,000 JPY to each age12-18 participant

All participants take out an insurance policy upon signing the application.

-Coverage detail:
Decease/ residual disability=2,000,000JPY
Hospital visit=2,000(daily)

*The insurance will NOT cover any property damage/burglary.

<<Allowed/Prohibited equipment>>
Handlbar/handlebar extentions
Drop handlebarO
Flat handlebarO
Bullhorn handlebarX
DH handlebarX
Clip onX
Bottle cageO
Cycle computerO
Saddle bagO
Bike standX
Rear Rack/CarrierX
-By Train(& bike): Shinjuku(JR line) <60minutes by rapid train> Otsuki(Fuji-Kyuko line) <35minutes by rapid train> Fuji-san(Fuji-kyuko line)<30minutes by bicycle> Fuji-hokuroku park(check-in & race site)

-By car:
Hachioji IC(Chuo expressway) <50minutes> Kawaguchiko IC (Chuo expressway) <15minutes> Fuji-hokuroku park(check-in & race site)

<<For inquiries>>
Mt. Fuji Hill Climb Executive Committee
1-31-9 Hara-machi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8532, Japan

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